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"Samwaad e-Journal (SeJ) "is an open access online international journal that provides online publication of original research work, review, news and views in all areas of Education from all over the world. Journal (SeJ) is being published by Samwaad Educational Society (Reg.No. 01/01/01/24365/11) with an objective to promote educational dialogue, research & helps building learning enterprises.

The Journal is published Bi-annually (Two  numbers per year)

The Journal aims to provide sufficient material to appreciate new Educational method in proper perspectives. This attempt has been made to include the diverse views/thoughts of researchers  and learners, on education.

  • SeJ is an open access, peer-reviewed, Online International Journal.
  • Sej  had started in 2012 with two issues per year (Biannual).
  • SeJ had successfully  issued 7 Volumes ( 14 Issues till date).
  • SeJ had record of publishing Journal regularly, on-time (March & September)
  • SeJ is indexed in ISIIIFSIndex Copernicus International & DRJI.
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  • SeJ had publication Impact factor 4.002 for year 2017 by I2OR.
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The site "Samwaad" is purely an educational site, created as a resource for promotional of various Educational Method (Specially -Dialogue) & Educational Research.

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    Boomers really got an education for pennies and had the nerve to turn around and charge us 5-6 figures. Wow. twitter.com/bax_up/status/…

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